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Active Projects

Tech Talks

The CSG has bi-weekly meetings that usually include pizza, club announcements and a lecture or demonstration based session. Some examples of the talks we’ve had in the past few years are Hacking the Smart Grid, Watching the Wire with Wireshark, Random Number Generation, and Buffer Overflows. The purpose of these meetings are to provide a forum within the university for students and staff to further their learning about computer and network security.

Honey Pots

We are working on setting up Honey Pots within the WSU network. Honey Pots are computers that are designed to be more vulnerable than critical machines and will provide information on attacks against these devices. These projects are currently being spearheaded by new members and will be overseen by officers.

Mr. Robot Watch Nights

The CSG enjoys getting together once in awhile to watch and analyze one of our favorite shows, Mr. Robot. This show is unique in that many of the technical terms used are actually correct, so we like to go through an episode and discuss the different technologies used and how they relate to real-world applications.

Universities for Public Opacity

The Universities for Public Opacity project is a passive consortium of higher education institutions that pledge to support the Tor network. This support will come in the form of hosting relay and exit nodes, along with providing information about the legal implications of hosting these nodes. You can visit the Globe page to see the live status of our active nodes.